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Why I do phone calls

Before seeing anyone new I require a phone call to answer any questions you might have and to help me best prepare to give you an optimum experience. I find that pre-session calls help alleviate nerves and gives clients a chance to think about what they want out of a session. Afterwards, I always allow clients to text or email me any additional questions or ideas they may have, which has proven to be useful as many individuals find they remember something later that escaped them during the excitement of a call. Both as a courtesy to my clients and as part of my screening process, I call for a phone conversation. For starters, I like to see if my prospective client can follow directions and has follow through. If one cannot navigate a simple phone date then it is doubtful they could manage to make a session. Additionally, I like to limit breakdowns in communication as much as possible. By talking to someone on the phone I get to hear the intonation of their voice, better grasp the true meaning of their words, and get a feel for personality. A lot of information is gathered in those precious minutes. Also, some individuals communicate much better speaking rather than writing and it's only fair to give everyone a chance to cast themselves in their best light.

I enjoy being able to give individualized attention, but in order to do so, I must keep to a schedule. When we talk, you have my utmost attention...but that can't be true all of the time, unfortunately. During our time apart I am thinking of others as well as daily life. In order for you to be the center of my focus I can't be distracted with things such as phone calls or errands; we must set aside time to not be disturbed. I'm sure that when you're captured by my gaze, you wouldn't want me to stop and answer the phone! You can help make this possible by respecting my boundaries and following rules. Being granted access to my booking line does not give carte blanche to call.

Lastly, I enjoy advancing by career. One of my greatest assets is myself: time is worth money. The 15 minutes I allot for a phone call is worth $75 in a real time session or $30 over phone, yet I do these initial calls free of charge. Most individuals in this industry do not grant a free consultation call as they do not wish to waste their time. To this I say that yes, some of these initial calls don't amount to anything. However, the ones that do are very much worth the investment.


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