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Bondassage is a progressive sequence flowing from kink to massage and back, creating a wholly unique experience. Through light bondage, massage, sensory deprivation, and percussive play, I will aid you in melting your stress by delicately drumming away your worldly concerns. Whether you're looking to dip your toes in the waters of our forbidden shores, or an experienced player looking to float away into bliss, Bondassage is very much doing right by yourself. Experience the satisfaction of sensual contact. My positive caress will be a healing oasis in the touch-starved desert of our society. Surrender to Me as I gently help you find the edges of your desires and vulnerability on an erotic exploration like no other.  


Bondassage's gentler sibling, Elysium will take you to the heights of bliss while we explore your body together. Get out of your head, relax, and enjoy as I take you on a guided tour of pleasure and sensation. Silken ropes will tether you to earth, giving you the freedom to soar to new realms of satisfaction. Headphones will shut out the world around you as you're treated to a curated playlist of sensual sounds. A blindfold will heighten your senses, allowing you to focus on My gentle touch and experience a variety of textures, pressures, and strokes. Feel your skin ignite with excitement as you concentrate on the energy flowing between us. Stretch your erotic boundaries and treat yourself to Elysium. You deserve it. 

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90 minutes/625

2 hours/900

3 hours/1350

To spend more time in nirvana, contact Me for the extended rate. 

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