I offer free consultations via phone, and a phone call is mandatory when setting an appointment. Alternatively, for a fee, I offer public in person consultations.

We will discuss safety and limits in person during our first meeting, and I please ask that you be upfront with any concerns, physical limitations, or medical conditions you may have.

Confirmation call is required 2 hours before the start of the session. No call, no session.

If you must cancel, do so immediately. I appreciate your courtesy in this matter.

You do not have to bring gifts, but if you would like to, please refer to My list on My tribute page.

Besides roleplay, fetish, and BDSM sessions, I also enjoy shopping trips, spa days, and being pampered.


I consider myself a modern day courtesan, an educated and independent woman fulfilling the role you need whether it be someone to talk to, a person to push you and hold you accountable, or a sadistic female supremacist who uses you as she pleases. I provide a safe place for you to explore your submissiveness and sexuality in whatever form that is. Sessions are a journey we take together--you help Me determine the road we take. My goal is to leave you better than I found you.

My primary interest is in causing you elicit those fun noises you make at your most vulnerable. I do respect all limits, but I will push them. I play with submissives who are not masochists and masochists who are not submissives. I also play with those who are solely fetishists. Would you like to pamper My sexy high-arched size 8.5 feet? Or perhaps brush My long, soft, colorful hair? Maybe you would like the privilege of shining My boots? All are welcome to come worship Me in whatever form it takes.

Domestic Discipline
I love the 1950's bombshell look and am happy to put on My latest vintage style dress, apron, and arm Myself with the nearest implement! Many a bottom has found My hand to be more than adequate when doling out a punishment, and has had second thoughts when the paddle is introduced. My forte is impact play, primarily barehanded OTK spankings, paddling, and belting, though I do have experience with canes and flogging. With a freshly washed mouth and a warm bottom, some time in the corner will do you some good while you reflect on your wrong doings and how to make Mommy happy in the future.


The closest thing I get to medical play at the moment, I consider sounding to be quite fun! I love turning the tables and making a man feel ever so vulnerable. As I don my nitrile gloves, I relish the anticipation as he awaits the cold, sanitized steel rods...

Cock and Ball Torture

Be careful what you wish for, because you just might get it! We might work alone, but Dommes have friends, and We love to cackle and conspire on the best ways to torture you--especially your genitals. Pulling, weights, busting, torture ties....I'd hate to give away exactly what I have in store, the best part for Me is your fear of impending doom.

Sensory play

The BDSM for vanilla people who think they're kinky! As much as I love administering a good beating, I also love sensation play. Whether it's depriving with a blindfold, surprising with a pinwheel, or overwhelming with a simple feather, I enjoy making scared newbies elicit those gasp moans and whimpers.

Though seemingly innocent, I can take a tickle session from fun to torturous with a single finger. Whether for punishment, funishment, or to simply test the restraints, I enjoy a good tickle when the opportunity presents itself. Experience a professional level tickle session, and let Me prove that I don't need to use pain to teach you a lesson. 

Castration play
I've grown to appreciate castration play as I've read more and more on dismantling those dangly bits men care so much about. Do you desire to be a eunuch? Feel you are undeserving of your manhood? Want Me to own the very essence of your masculinity? Explore this path with Me.

*I do not do full castrations.


Knife play

The sharpest of edgeplay, knives give me a piercing smile. The glint of the blade in the light, the way the metal sings when stroked just right, the feel of it gliding by your skin, knives almost take on a life of their own. Knife play is an invigorating session that leaves a pointed impression. 


Electro play with violet wand

There are so many ways to play with electricity and I get buzzed just thinking about it! A rarely used but personal favorite of mine, the violet wand is a shockingly fun time that combines well with many other areas of play.



There are many aspects to humiliation, however, this a kink that requires much negotiation beforehand and grows better, deeper, more intense the more sessions you have. If you're interested in humiliation try to specify what kind (verbal, physical) and how much (embarrassment, degradation) when contacting me.

Crossdressing and Sissification

I want to help you get in touch with your feminine side! We can have girl-time with a full makeover, fit you for a bra, teach you to tuck and dress like a woman. I have a full makeup kit* ready to go and am eager to turn you into My very own fashion doll. After you're appropriately dressed, I can further shape you into the woman you've always wanted to be with voice modification, movement, and etiquette lessons. If you're a sissy, we can progress onto slut training and teaching you to please a man, or better yet, your Mistress. 


*Please be aware that makeup sessions typically take 2 hours. 


Foot Worship

My feet appreciate a good worship session, especially by those who know how to give a proper massage. I'm always happy to go for a pedicure beforehand, and good boys might even get to pick the color.

Bootblacking/Boot Worship

I love My boots and you should too. I expect you to service them, and therefore Me, to the best of your  ability. If you do not know how, you will learn! However, don't expect to start with My boots; you may need to prove yourself on practice pieces first. 



My boots were made for walking...all over you. So were My heels. If you're lucky I'll grace you with My stockinged feet. Men worship the very ground I walk on, you should consider yourself privileged to hold such an esteemed position!


Fire Play

It's not always true that if you play with fire, you're gonna get burned. A conscientious top, I always keep safety at the forefront and am increasing My knowledge of fire play all the time. At present, I am comfortable with and enjoy fire cupping as well as light fire painting. Trust in Me as I burn away your fear and insecurities.


Wax Play

If you want to feel the heat of a session but reduce the risk of getting burned, wax play is worth exploring. A fun way to relax or add on to a session.


Play Piercing

Done with sterile equipment and serious intent, play piercing is an edgier kink that's a rush and highly connective for both bottom and top. It's performed for a variety reasons from ritual to endorphin rush.


Rope Work

There are so many styles and methods to rope tying that I will be continually learning for years to come. At the moment, I'm enjoying the quick fusion style bondage that makes for simple, speedy, and effective ties. I'm looking forward to studying shibari and suspension ties in the future as time allows.

Slave Training

Slave Training is a journey we will take together. If you truly wish to serve Me, it will be a long journey during which we discover one another in a new light. I will learn about you, your capabilities, and potential in order to shape you into the perfect slave to serve Me as I see fit. you will learn about Me, My likes, dislikes, and quirks in order to serve Me to My standards. Slave Training is only for those who are truly devoted. 

Kinks I am still perfecting

  • Riding Crop

  • Single Tail

  • Bondage

  • Chastity Play & Key-holding

  • Erotic Hypnosis

  • Adult Babies

  • Pet Play

I also do some role playing, with costumes--primarily the Mommy Domme, though I also have superhero & villain, as well as school girl, teacher, and cheerleader. I prefer role play scenarios to have a general premise rather than be fully scripted.

If you’re unsure if I offer an activity, please ask, the worst I’ll say is no. If you push, then My answer will be more extreme.

I am not a prostitute, I will not have sex with clients. I do not do pussy worship, ass worship, queening, or anything of the sort. I choose to do those activities with the special people in My life. Hard limits include complete castration, blood play, animals, non-consenting parties, and minors.


Rates are for my time only

Any request to session outside of My hours will require tribute to be doubled. All appointments are to be booked at least the day prior. Same-day sessions are difficult as I am an independent Mistress and not sitting around a commercial dungeon waiting to be contacted by you. Appointments take time to plan as well as getting ready and going to meet you. Occasionally same-day appointments can happen, but only if you’re an established client. Same day appointments must be booked at least 2 hours in advance.

BDSM Sessions

These are where My fees start. Discounts are at My discretion for multiple hours and multiple Mistresses. Rush fee for same day appointments must be paid upfront with the deposit. If you're curious as to the rush fee, read more here.  

1 hour/300

2 hours/550

3 hours/800

100 rush fee for same day
Double total price for sessions outside My hours

Bondassage® and Elysium® sessions have different pricing, reflecting the unique and blissful experience they contain. These specialized sessions are at least 90 minutes long. To spend more time in nirvana, contact Me for the extended rate. 

90 minutes/450

2 hours/600

3 hours/850


I do see women and couples; add 100/hr to bring your partner.


Vary with the distance that I need to travel but are estimated 400-500/hr plus travel expenses with a minimum booking of 3 hours. Be sure to check out My Travel page for additional details. 


For good boys only and start at 2500.


You want to see me outside of the dungeon?

Great! We can meet for coffee for 150/hr or a meal for 250/hr. I get to pick the eatery, and you get to pick up the tab.


Alternately, you can take Me shopping. There's no rate for shopping, but I do expect you to spend at least 600 on Me. All sessions rules apply for these outings as well. I still require a deposit and a 2 hour prior confirmation message. 

I do take consent into consideration when engaging in any sort of play. This means that I will NOT session in public in any obvious way because the public has not consented to be part of the scene. If you wish to treat Me to a meal or to shopping, please be aware that while the power exchange will still be present, the display of it will be subtle. These outings are a good way to get to know Me better and spend more time with your Mistress, but are NOT to be confused with dating.

Oh, you're far away? That's okay!

We can do phone calls 2/min or emails starting at 50/per message. I am not doing webcam at this time. 

Chastity Key Holding

I do that too! 100/week with no tease and denial or 200/week with tease and denial.



All times are listed in Central Standard (aka "Chicago Time")

Sunday 10am - 10pm

Monday 10am-5pm

Tuesday Unavailable

Wednesday Unavailable

Thursday Unavailable

Friday 10am-11pm

Saturday 10am - 11pm



How to I go about booking a session?

  1. Read the Schedule Me page and FAQ

  2. Write Me a polite and informative note via email or the contact form

  3. Wait for My response. If you don't get a response within 48 hours, check your spam folder. If you still haven't seen a response, you may politely message Me again.

  4. Have a consult via the phone or an in person meeting over coffee.

  5. Schedule a session and pay the deposit.

  6. Make confirmation call 2 hours prior to meeting.

  7. Have fun!