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Would you like a momento from our session? Or perhaps you're far away, but still want a taste of what it would be like to be close to me...or close to places you'll never be lucky enough to experience. Here's a list of goodies that could be yours for the taking. If there's something unlisted that you're interested in, please feel free to send me an email and ask.


To obtain an item, fill out the contact form below or send me an email stating: which type of article you'd like, the address you'd like it sent to or if you'd like to meet, and the method by which you'll be sending payment. After I receive payment I will prepare the item to the agreed specifications and notify you when it's ready. For questions regarding My laundry, click here for the FAQ.

Foot Fetish
Other Intimates

I started My foray into sex work as a panty seller and am happy to get back to it! Though Craigslist Personals are no longer a thing, I still love connecting with used panty buyers and sniffers in NWI. Typically bikinis, hipsters, or thongs, My panties are quite the popular item. Always worn fresh to order, I've never had a complaint, and have many repeat customers. Below are the basic varieties and prices. 

Dance Panties $50

Sweaty panties have a surprisingly sweet smell to them that most men find enjoyable. I've recently started pole dancing in my free time and would love to share that experience with you. Claim a piece of the action by claiming my panties. You know you've always wanted to sniff a dancer's intimates.... 


Dailys $30

Cotton or microfiber bikinis, these are the panties I typically wear on a day to day basis or to exercise. Very much so looking like "mom panties", these are the type many a man first sniffed after finding an accessible and unguarded laundry basket to pilfer. Snatch these up like a teen about to be caught sneaking in My bedroom and discover the comfort of this familiar undergarment. 

Character/Novelty Panties $35

My best everyday panties featuring My favorite cartoon characters. Which ones are they? I'm not telling! You'll have to find out for yourself. Sample My scent and a slice of My everyday wardrobe and life. 


Fancy $75

These are the type that I frequently wear during a session. Lace, satin, and the occasional special request. If you're curious as to what's beneath My catsuit or how excited I really am about your suffering, try these on for size...literally, if you'd like.

Soaked $100

No, I won't smother you. No, I won't do face sitting. No, you can't serve Me orally, worshipping Me with your tongue. You will be denied on all of these fronts. Yet, your mouth still waters for what you know it can't have. This is as close as you will get; panties that have been worn to pleasure Myself, and soaked with addictive nectar that you will never get to otherwise taste.

Extra Wear

Can't get enough of Me, you naughty boy? Double the listed price of the item you'd like to have spend more time with Me.

Do you enjoy the scent of feet? Would you like to have and hold the cloth where My precious piggies hide? Socks are one of My great joys and I have a wide variety from basic white cotton crew socks to rainbow thigh highs. Maybe you'd like to own My shoes or boots, the entity that contours to My curves, wrapping around My sensuous high arches. Check out My selection to find something luckier than you--an object that gets to be beneath My feet daily. 

Gym Socks $20

Cushioned white cotton crew socks, growing wet with sweat and stronger with scent as I bicycle, dance, lift, and stretch to maintain My feminine shape.


Novelty Socks $15

Thin, but well loved, My novelty socks are an amusing highlight to My drawer. In a variety of designs and light hearted patterns, these socks are a great way to get to know My scent and My personality. 


Knee Highs $50

Cushioned striped knee high socks, embracing My smooth calves, hugging My knees, and providing extra comfort to My sole. Let them bring a little comfort your soul too.

Thigh Highs $80

Knitted socks that go from My cute little toes all the way up to My thick thighs. A favorite in the cooler weather, they always garner attention when I go out, especially when I adjust my garter...

Shoes $150-300

Capture the smell of My feet in their native environment. As shoe types and styles vary, I don't feel the need to list them all here individually, but I do have gym shoes, walking shoes, a variety of boots, and heels. Ask about what you're seeking and we can discuss your options. My shoe size varies from 7 in some heels to 8.5 in sneakers. 


Stockings $50

Lovely black nylons, clinging to My strong, sexy thighs. These vary in style depending on what I have at the moment and change on a regular basis. 



Garter Belt $100

A special piece of lingerie that hugs My waist and caresses My thighs, touching Me in ways you never will. You could own this lovely black lace garment, think of where it's been, and maybe if you're lucky it will tell you some secrets.

Bra $200

I have a few bra types but My breast friend is My European lingerie; no Victoria Secret for Me! You have a choice of My favorite underwire bras (which often have matching panties), sports bra, or bralette. They've all held Me close whether they're displaying My spectacular cleavage at a party or supporting My ample chest during a workout. I've held them all close to My heart; I'm sure you'll find one that will touch yours.

Due to the need to schedule My photoshoots, pictures are available on a limited basis. Email to see when I might be shooting next and state what sort of photos you want to place an order. 

Custom Photo Set $50 for 10

I'm open to suggestions and collaborations. Please keep in mind the sort of photos I already take and what My style is when making a request. As always, if you request an outfit type that I do not own, I am more than happy to give you My measurements so that you may procure said garments for Me.


Some photoshoot ideas:

  • Naughty/Sadistic Nurse

  • Girl Next Door

  • Domestic Discipline

  • Queen/Goddess Worship

  • Feet/Heels

All shipping costs are included in the price of the item. The items will be dried thoroughly before being placed in a plastic bag, sealed, and then into discreet packaging. 

If you'd like to meet in person to receive your items, that is an option. There may be an extra fee to meet in person depending on the cost of your item. I only meet at my convenience at a neutral public location in northwest Indiana. Items will be given to you freshly worn (and sometimes still warm) wrapped in a plastic inside a discreet bag. This is a quick meeting that lasts no longer than 10 minutes. If you would like to meet for longer, you're welcome to book me for a coffee date.

If you're receiving the items at the end of a session, there is no additional fee. 


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