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The Rules of the Game


  • you must be at least 18 years of age.

  • you must be vaccinated against Covid-19 or have a viable reason as why you are not.

  • you will address Me as Goddess, Mistress, or Miss Holly at all times, the same as I will address you in the manner in which you prefer.

  • you will be polite and respectful at all times.

  • you will respect My time. First impressions are very important and most first impressions come via email. Do not use text speak or use email as a way to “chat” rather than composing a full message. I do not have all day to banter with you. Also, be sure to check your spam folder rather than assuming I have not replied. 

  • you are here for My domination. I am not a puppet or fetish vending machine. I will not tolerate pushy bottoms or scene directors.

  • Do NOT become intoxicated prior to our session! This is a danger to both you and I. If I arrive and you are intoxicated, I will NOT session with you and treat it as a cancellation.

  • Please be courteous and groom yourself prior to our session.

  • Do not wear any type of fragrance.

  • Respect my limits. If I say stop I mean stop!

  • If you request an outfit or style that I do not have in My collection I will be more than happy to give you My measurements.

  • You will not ask Me to remove My clothing, masturbate for you, or have sex with you. If you do, I will immediately stop the session and you will not get a refund.

  • You will NOT touch me in ANY way unless I have given explicit permission. If you do, I take no responsibility for how I may instinctively react. I will also immediately end the session and you will not be refunded.

  • All contact is private and confidential, a courtesy that I expect to be extended both ways.

  • Sessions occur at MY discretion. I reserve the right to refuse to session with anyone I deem a risk or has violated the terms of our agreement.

  • A text or email confirmation two hours prior to your session is required.

Upward shot of seated Mistress Holly


A deposit is required from everyone--$100 per number of hours you’re reserving. If you can’t trust a Domme with a deposit, how can you trust her with your life? Deposits are to cover My costs and time should you decide to cancel and shows Me that you are serious about wanting a session. Rest assured, the deposit will be applied towards the tuition. Once you are scheduled, the deposit is due within the hour of booking a session. Deposits are transferable, but non-refundable. I allow reschedules, but if you cancel same-day or are a no-show, you will forfeit your deposit. Deposits may be made by sending an electronic Amazon gift card or sending Me the pertinent information from a physical Amazon or Vanilla Visa gift card. Please check to make sure you are buying a Vanilla Visa gift card and not a different type; on the card, look for the ice cream cone such as the one depicted below. If you purchase a Visa that is NOT a Vanilla gift card it may be rejected. I also accept CashApp or Venmo provided the memo is left blank or contains a message you'd be willing to show your grandmother such as "congratulations!" or celebrating a relevant and timely holiday. 

Vanilla Visa Logo
Amazon Logo


If you have to cancel or reschedule, please provide Me at least 24-hour notice. Cancellations occurring less than 24 hours from our appointment will result in a loss of deposit--consider it your apology for what is a tangible loss for Me. If you are needing to reschedule and have informed Me of this 24 hours or greater from our session time, you have 6 weeks in which to do so. Failure to reschedule will result in loss of deposit. I do expect you to take the initiative in rescheduling, I’m not going to pester you about rescheduling or tuition due. Canceling a session involving a deposit twice in a row will result in losing your deposit.

If I have to cancel and reschedule, and it’s less than 48 hours, I will add additional time onto our rescheduled session as My apology to you.

Mistress Holly gazing sternly from bookshelf


Please read the FAQ before asking any questions.

I will assume your message is a metaphor for you. If your writing is rushed, poorly thought out, uses text speak, or doesn't address Me by My title, you may be rejected and possibly not get a response.

you may message Me using the form provided or by emailing Me; either way, be sure to adjust your spam settings so you don't miss My reply. Please answer the following questions upon first contact and all my questions thereafter. Efficiency makes for a happy Mistress!

1. Where did you find me?

2. What are your interests?
3. What are your limits?
4. What is your experience level?
5. What is your availability?
6. Where are you wanting to session?
7. Have you seen a Mistress before? If so, when, Whom, and what is Her contact information?
8. Do you have an outfit request?

Serious approved inquiries get my phone number for a more in depth conversation and voice verification call.

Your details were sent successfully! Please check your spam settings to assure you don't miss my reply.

Protocol: Contact
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