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From time to time I have people reach out to me wishing to learn more about professional domination and how to begin a practice of their own. Having successfully been working as a professional dominant for a solid 6 years now, I'm at the point in my career where I feel confident offering mentoring. I've learned from some of the best in the industry and have contributions in several kink education books; you can see my credentials on my education page. I love teaching and am happy to do so on an individual level provided we're a good fit!

Individuals wishing to learn a new skill, about BDSM, polyamory, or how to be a dominant can contact me here as well. 

Prospective mentees on the professional level I am very particular when choosing, I do not take on everyone. The path to domination isn't as rigorous as it had been previously; one doesn't have to earn their place, working from a level of submission up to being a peer.  However, training someone in BDSM is a responsibility I don't take lightly as the safety of future submissives is in my hands--individuals whom I may never see. In addition to being ethical and having skill, one must have dedication. For an idea of what goes into a career in my field, please refer to my blog post here.

Let's Chat!

Thanks for submitting! Please be sure to check your spam folder and wait at least 48 hours  before reaching out again.

Please fill out the following to the best of your ability. Should I find your answers adequate, there will be a phone interview to further delve into your experience and desires before discussing formal mentoring--I am very conscientious of my time and selective of whom I invest in. If you have any online presence or prior involvement in the kink community, please mention it in one of the answer boxes, however an online kink presence is not a requirement for mentoring. You would do well to remember my core values of safety, honesty, and integrity when answering. If you're not looking for professional level mentoring put "N/A" in the text boxes that do not apply to you.

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