From time to time I have men contact Me who are interested in financial servitude or financial domination. I enjoy giving these men a safe space to engage in that fetish with an ethical Mistress who understands it. I have done My due diligence; I've thought on My relationship with money, feelings on findom, and learned how to engage in findom ethically and responsibly. I truly am not here to ruin anyone's life via bankruptcy or "wallet rape", but rather, to make them a fulfilling part of mine through their fetish, giving them purpose. Personally, I enjoy findom, but it's not a requirement I have of my subs by any means. If you would like to learn more about my self-exploration on the topic of Findom, check out my blog post on the subject. 

You will send Me tribute. You will shower Me with gifts. You will give to Me. Not because I need you to, but because you want to. You want to please Me. You need to please Me. You crave it. You long to serve Me, to gain My attention. You need Me to seize control of you, of your life. Money is power and you're desperate to submit, to hand your power over to a woman who knows how to wield it. Every dollar, every cent, is another piece of your being. You want me to care for you, to guide you, to give you focus so all the stressors fall away. Surrender. Give yourself to your Mistress. Allow Me the intimacy of entering your financial life, the very core of your ego. Experience the feelings of raw exposure while I explore your accounts, your budget laid bare, My fingers caressing your wallet. Can you feel your pulse race? That's your body reacting to Me. There is nothing else. There is only Me. There is only Mistress Holly.


Serve Me

If you wish to serve Me as a financial submissive or "finsub", fill out an application below. Be specific about how you wish to serve! Do not be afraid about making "too little" to be a finsub. It's not how much you give, it's that you give; this is ultimately about power exchange.

When submitting the application, be sure to include a $50 tribute sent via Amazon to and write your name on the card.


Financial Slave

This is an excellent position for distance slaves or those whose time constraints do not allow for real-time sessions. There are a variety of arrangements which we can discuss such as adopting a monthly bill, giving a percentage of your income, or simply meeting for cash meets.

Shopping Slave

This is a good position for someone who would like to spend more quality time with their Mistress. You will have the privilege of taking Me shopping for whatever My needs are that day. Have a foot fetish? Maybe we'll go shoe shopping. Love body worship? Perhaps we'll go get new clothes! Have you upset Me? We may simply get groceries. There are many options, and they can change.

Tech/Promo Slave

Another good position for distance slaves! you will have the honor of being tasked with promoting your Mistress via Twitter and other means. The more time I can save on these menial tasks, the more I can focus on My craft.

Pain Slut Slave

Love findom but also have other fetishes that need to be fulfilled? This one is for you. You can be My go-to slave when I require a bottom, assuming you're contributing more tribute than you would solely via sessions.

Video/Film Slave

This lucky individual will get to perform with Me on camera for promotional pictures, clips, and photo sets. Wearing a mask of some sort is acceptable.


Is there another way in which you wish to serve Me? I have specifically omitted chauffeur and housekeeping positions as those tasks will not be made available to new slaves. If you wish to have either of those positions, you will need to work up to them as I do not let strangers into My sacred space. There will be at least a year consideration period before established slaves may apply for that position.


Your message has been sent. Mistress will review it and get back to you within 48 hours. Please be sure to check your spam folder if you don't get a response.