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Gifts, Wishlists, and Sponsorship


I am more than happy to take additional tuition as a tip for a job well done. I do not require or expect a tip, but it is appreciated.


Like any woman, I love gifts. Gifts, like tips, are appreciated, but not expected. While no special occasion is needed, any holiday or My birthday (June 8) would be appropriate.

Please choose something from My Wishlists (I have a special wish list for my best submissives) or a gift certificate. Amazon or Visa Vanilla gift cards are also acceptable. Please do not pick out items that you personally like that I have not indicated are alright with Me. This is problematic for a variety of reasons.

Please note, do not bring food unless you have been requested to do so or specifically asked what I desire. Also, I do not accept gifts as payment for sessions.

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Help Me invest in Myself. Sponsor Me to go visit Midori in beautiful San Francisco for her ForteFemme or Rope Dojo! Gift cards or points for Southwest are always appreciated as I love to travel, especially to events.

Have an event you’d like Me to go to? I’ll get there quicker if you pay My way. 

Like what I do but wish I’d do more? Send Me to school!
Kinky Kollege
Dom Con LA
Dom Con New Orleans

Tethered Together
Generous subs who fully sponsor My trip get rewarded with a free session and a photo set.

Education/Sponsor Me
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