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How to Contact a Pro Domme

For many, interacting with a professional dominatrix can be a nerve-wracking experience, but it doesn’t have to be. The FemDom herself can have many reactions to your first time jitters from being amused to annoyed. For myself, it’s always best to find yourself in the former camp.

First impressions are everything and can mean the difference between getting to see the delightful dominatrix of your choice or being rejected. Many of the individuals I have seen over the years were genuinely concerned about their ignorance of my protocol and not approaching correctly, however, these lucky lads had little to be distressed about as they all had one important thing in common: being polite. Every FemDom has a different set of rules, protocols, procedures, etc. but the one thing we all have in common is that we want to be treated with respect. Be polite, mind your manners, and you will be forgiven of most transgressions made in ignorance…the first time.

Another way to gain your future FemDom’s favor is to read. We all love a well-educated man who can hold a conversation, but more so, we like a client who makes less work for us. Reading our website to learn about our session types, fees, schedule, protocol, and other such information makes for less work as we don’t have to repeat it for you. We’ve gone to all the trouble of laying out the information once, why make us go over it again? Also, the less time we spend repeating ourselves, the more time we can engage in scintillating conversation with you.

If you’ve gotten past the trials of first contact, my next juicy tidbit is to be punctual. Be prompt with deposit payment, be available for scheduled phone calls, be on time for appointments. Your new Mistress is terribly busy and has set aside her precious time for you—don’t waste it!

The day you get to see your favorite FemDom is one you’ll have been saving up for and counting down to. I guarantee she will have spent time putting herself together just so, and you should do the same. Shower and groom yourself as you would for a job interview or a first date. Cleanliness is next to godliness and you want your Goddess to be close to you, don’t you?

On that note, be sure to wear something presentable. It doesn’t matter if you think your clothes are going to be set aside anyway, show some respect for yourself and your Mistress. Unless your aim is to be humiliated, don’t dress as if you’re ready to do yardwork or painting and be sure to wear socks and underwear that are all in one piece with the appropriate number of holes.

Lastly, do not push boundaries of any sort. Asking for more time, a discount, hard limits, to skip the deposit, or anything special “just this one time, for me” is asking for the session to end early and not to be seen again. FemDoms are professionals who have thought long and hard about our practice and we have our rules in place for specific reasons. Showing disrespect for our rules is showing disrespect for us.

Following these guidelines will help assure your first contact is a positive one whether you're seeing a provider who's traveling in Michigan or Ohio, or at home again, in Indiana.

If you’d like to read more about visiting a Pro Domme be sure to check out the rest of my comrades over at The FemDom Society.


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