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2019 Year in Review

Mistress Holly GoLightly headshot

It's difficult to believe I'm doing another yearly wrap up! This year, much like last year, was one unexpected adventure after another. Some personal goals set at the beginning of 2019 did not come to fruition, however, I had many experiences and made accomplishments that I had not anticipated! I had My first interview as a Professional Dominatrix with Nicholas Tanek.

I got back into My art in a big way. Not only did I start attending live drawing classes but I created Erotangles™, a way of drawing that combines doodling techniques and a kinky way, of course. At some point, I will make a book of these images (and possibly how to draw your own) but in the meantime you'll have to enjoy the random art I post in My gallery or support My hibernating Patreon. During Ropecraft Chicago 2019, I presented some of My Erotangles™ in the convention art gallery. From that, I was offered a gallery showing at The Freyja Project when I am ready, and I'm very excited about that prospect!

I became more engaged with the kink community via conventions this last year. In addition to volunteering at RopeCraft as Dungeon Monitor and Class Monitor, I volunteered at Beguiled with their consent team. Consent Team was a new experience for Me; prior to that I hadn't thought much about or noticed the consent team at conventions. Through volunteering, I interacted with people that I wouldn't have otherwise. Both conventions were very valuable experiences and I encourage anyone who's interesting in attending an event and making more friends to try volunteering for themselves. By engaging with the convention in this way, it has given Me the courage, confidence, and inspiration to attempt presenting.

Fall 2019, Charmed! put a call out for presenters and classes, to which I answered; I submitted two classes and both got accepted! I shall start January 2020 by presenting at Charmed! My classes are "The Hypnotism of Art" and "Dungeons & Disasters: Strategic Planning for Adventurous Scenes". I don't like to state My goals for the upcoming year, but I do hope to continue teaching and possibly running a SIG (Special Interest Group) or two at upcoming conventions.

As My major educational goal for the year, over the summer of 2019 I ventured back to San Francisco and learned Bondassage® and Elysium® with Eve Minax. I wrote about this previously, and have a more...stimulating description on My site.

This last November I made My dreams come true by attending The Order of Indomitus with Mistress Michelle Lacy! I have followed Mistress Michelle online since the beginning of My career and it was such an honor to finally get to meet Her! Getting to attend OOI also provided other opportunities such as meeting other wonderful Dommes, quality submissives, watching amazing scenes, and having My first professional photo shoot. Lastly, My final accomplished goal for 2019 was beginning to tour. I've been to Indy and Detroit with upcoming plans to go back, as well as going to Philadelphia, PA and Annapolis, MD the week of January 13 (check My Travel page for details).

As always, I do have other plans in the works, and will be launching something new in the first quarter of 2020. I can't wait to share it with you and have you join Me on My next great adventure!

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