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Holly GoLightly is Creating...

I hinted earlier that I was launching something as of May 1, which I technically did, though I'm only just now letting you lovelies know about it. And so, drum roll, please...I've started a Patreon.

For those of you who don't know what Patreon is, it's like a mixture of a subscription service and Kickstarter--you choose which tier you would like to get rewards from, and then are billed monthly for it. This may seem like an odd thing for a Dominatrix to be doing, but I am a Woman of diverse talents and enjoy exploring different endeavors.

I actually have a strong art background, having graduated with a BFA in Fine Art, a minor in Art History, and pursued Illustration at the graduate level. In a different life I wanted to make web comics. Lately, I've decided I wanted to get back into doing art, and so I delved in with something small, easy, and I've always wanted to learn: Zentangles. What's a Zentangle? It's a small abstract work of art (about 3.5in square) made from various patterns that can be completed in a short about of time. As I began studying and learning these patterns, I realized that some of them looked mildly perverted (or maybe that's just the pervert in Me). It was at that point that I decided maybe I should do My own take on Zentangles and dominate the patterns to make them My own.

By dipping My elegant toes back into artistic waters with the Zentangles, I believe I will be able to journey on from there, creating larger pieces of work, and making use of additional mediums. The beauty of Zentangles is that although they are traditionally made simply using pen & ink with pencil for shading, you can use all sorts of medium with them! Departing from colored gel pens, I could break out My beloved Copic markers to shade or color them, play with the blending of colored pencil, paint with watercolor, draw over an acrylic wash, or do a combination of the above. There are no rules, which is great because I'd only break them.

My hope is that by launching this Patreon I can take more time for Myself to explore My art, practice some self-care, and provide another way for My adoring subs to get to know Me better. I have made many tiers with various rewards so that it is affordable for everyone; this is also another way to serve Me on a regular basis if you can't see Me in person. You should take this opportunity to patronize Me--it's the only way you'll ever get to.

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