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The Makings of a Dungeon

Whomever says that sex work isn't real work can figuratively kiss My ass. Last Wednesday was a great day; I met a new sub, we had a great session that we ended up extending because it was such a good time, and we both learned some fun new tricks. I spent 4 hours at the dungeon. The next day? I also spent 4 hours at the dungeon, but I wasn't just playing this time.

I may not own the space, but I'm going to OWN IT! I cleaned it deep, hard, and long. That's right, it was a dungeon enema. Cobwebs were removed, carpets vacuumed, floors swept, vinyl sanitized, wood dusted, and mirrors polished. I cleaned it not because I own the space (the residence does not belong to Me), the furniture (only a few pieces are Mine), or the equipment (I primarily use My own but most of what's visible belongs to others). I invest the time because I care for you. Yes, you. My clients, potential clients, and even the lurkers. I spend energy and put in the effort, because I want you to have the best time that I can possibly provide.

I am a professional and want to be seen that way by My clients and peers. I want My space to be as welcoming as it can so you feel good about where and how you're spending your time. Being professional means having every aspect of your business being polished. I do not have it within My power to finish the construction any sooner, but I can make sure that the current stage is as presentable as possible.

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