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I've not been a ProDomme for that long, but a sad trend I've already noticed is the degradation of non-consenting and unaware parties, specifically wives and girlfriends. The level of malice directed towards them, and the acts I've heard suggested they be submitted to, vary from heinous to criminal. I've observed this behavior both from peacocking InstaDommes attempting to display their superiority and, sadly, from submissives. 

In BDSM, consent is key. Without consent, there is no trust, for how can you believe in your partner if they don't respect the rights of others? Trust goes both ways as well. Yes, the submissive absolutely needs to trust the Domme (for obvious reasons), but the Domme also needs to be able to trust the submissive. If you're calling your significant other names, fantasizing about contaminating their foodstuffs with biological fluids, or violating them, then how can I trust you to respect My basic needs? My right to privacy, My time, My space, My body?

Some submissives are new and don't know any better. They've seen bad advice online from unethical parties, think that's how our world works, and parrot it back to impress their potential new Domme. Aren't they such a good sub, trying so hard? Others have attempted to learn how to best please their new Domme by watching FemDom porn. Anyone who knows anything about sex education knows that you do NOT learn anything accurate from porn! Porn is great, but it's fantasized, much how movies are not like real life. 

To be fair, some of the InstaDommes may not know any better either. Yes, many may not be trying, lack ethics, or simply don't care as long as the money is rolling in, but others may be too green to realize their mistake. Up until recently, the way women have been raised has been to be in competition with one another.

I'm not like other girls.

Don'tcha wish your girlfriend were hot like me?

This is changing, and it's very telling of one's maturity level. Your success is not my failure, but also your failure is not My success. Putting down another person does not make one look better, it makes them look so much worse. Insecure. Desperate. Ignorant.

A true Goddess doesn't need to put down Her sisters to build Herself up. She is confident in Herself, in Her abilities, in Her own skin. She can dominate in sweatpants with no makeup on. She does not use Her power to destroy; destruction is easy--creation takes effort. Is She focusing on building Her empire, creating new content, bettering Herself? Or is She putting down others, getting into message board fights, and spreading toxicity? If you want to worship a Goddess, find one with the former qualities, for She will build you up too.

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