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Book Review: Enough To Make You Blush

Sex education can be confusing enough on it's own. Enter the world of BDSM and one can become completely lost in the leather, whips, and chains. Of all the dangers in our dark and intimidating culture, psychological play is often overlooked as it causes no physical damage, and yet it requires training like any other tool we use. This type of play is tricky to discuss as it is highly personal and complex; it varies in width and breadth as well as by individual. Despite this, the risks are often underestimated even with the potential to cause as much damage as an untrained single-tail strike. That is why it's so wonderful when one happens upon a gem of a guide such as Princess Kali's book Enough To Make You Blush: Exploring Erotic Humiliation. Princess Kali tackles a myriad of fetishes with apparent ease, imparting wisdom while maintaining a sense of humor. I first encountered this book while searching for information on frequently requested fetishes that didn't seem to be as popular with the lifestyle crowd, such as financial domination and podophilia. I fell in love with the chapter titles ("This Little Piggy Went to Market, This Little Piggy Sucked Toes: Foot Fetish" and "I Think Your Lampshade is Crying: Objectification & Dehumanization" being my favorites) and knew this was something I needed to read. To me, reading a good book is like eating soul food. Enough To Make You Blush is a soft and chewy chocolate chip cookie. The whole book is delicious, even the beginning and technical parts, and the second half with the individual fetishes is the chewy center. Sprinkled throughout like chocolate chips, Princess Kali has anecdotes, ideas, and suggestions. Also, it's good enough even the vanillas would enjoy.

I jest, but the section on verbal humiliation is worth the read alone. Princess Kali is a former stripper and professional dominatrix--her book is full of advice on how to keep a situation erotically charged even if you have no desire to turn your lover into coat rack. How to tease, play long distance, and various sexual games are included throughout that can be enjoyed by kinksters and vanillas alike. Also, skills that are often untaught in conservative circles are included in the beginning of the book such as negotiation, communication, how to prepare for if things go wrong, and aftercare--all essential no matter how you get off.

For the more adventurous or BDSM crowd, Princess Kali covers titilating topics such as humiliation during sex & masturbation; chastity & orgasm control; sissification & forced feminization; nudity; biological play with bodily fluids and functions; servitude & cleaning; punishment & protocol; and (safely) playing in public. All of those points are covered succinctly, yet with care, providing explanation, instruction, and inspiration. Prior to my life as a ProDomme, I enjoyed reading such subject matter as a fascinating look at the type of eroticism others enjoyed. If you're interested in studying sex from an educational standpoint such as I, you're in for a treat; Princess Kali conveys the pleasurable essence of each theme into every chapter. At the end of the book, for added inspiration and clarity, there's a glossary, activities list, vocabulary list, and additional resources.

Enough To Make You Blush is an excellent read for anyone who's looking to add something to their game from the mild soccer mom to the wild Mommy Domme (fun fact: I just read this for my FemDom bookclub!). Your first step into erotic humiliation is acquiring the book.

Purchase Enough To Make You Blush or learn more about and by Princess Kali. For more kink education, check out Kink Academy.

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