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Sex Workers are People Too

I wouldn't say I'm a comic book geek, but I have studied graphic novels at the collegiate level and enjoy reading them in My downtime. As such, I take pleasure in this wonderful age of comic book stories coming to the screen both in movie and serial form. Recently I was watching The Punisher series on Netflix. Punisher is a little gory for my tastes, but I enjoy the character. I came to the scene where Castle is stalking Col. Bennet on a night he's "entertaining". We soon come to realize the sort of company the Colonel entertains when his sultry dining companion shuts him up by pouring her drink on the floor and forcing him to clean it up with his tongue. Of course, I was excited and amused when this scene started to unfold, a Hollywood version of a BDSM scene. The dominatrix was commanding this high ranking military man with ease, stripping him of his power, making her submit to her every whim. I was a sad to see it end, but much relieved when I saw she lived through the fight, running out the door to safety while screaming "He's here!" This told us a few things. One, that she's badass. In this universe, to the general public, Frank Castle is a terrorist, a psychotic killer. She knew he might be coming, that everyone who crossed paths with Frank Castle died, and yet she stayed. I don't know if they offered her money, coerced her into doing it, or if she wanted to help protect her client, but no matter the reason that's a courageous action! Two, they valued her enough as an asset to use her. If she were a low-class Domme with bad character, they might not have used her. Clearly she's established enough to be trusted by this major security company to be used as an informant. Three, they valued her enough as a person to save her. When the bullets started flying, she clearly had her exit strategy all planned previously and enacted it. Mistress yells her code phrase, ducks, and runs. I was devastated when I saw her lifeless on the bed, her throat slit. I should not be that surprised, comic books have a long history of violence against women, and Punisher is a very violent series (to put it mildly). But this woman, this person who had previously been so captivating and exuding power just scenes before, had been killed without a second thought. A woman who thought she was helping catch a killer. A woman who was just doing her job. Were I not in this industry, I might not have thought about that character much more, and I'm sure the vast majority of viewers didn't; the fact is, sex workers are seen as less than people, even by their supporters. But that woman, in that moment, was Me. Yes, it hit very close to home, but it didn't make me afraid--it made Me angry. I have no shame in what I do. I enjoy my work, I enjoy making people happy, yet some people have ethical and moral objections. I don't have sex with My submissives, but what I do is considered sexual in nature, and in our prudish society sex is "dirty" and those who cater to it as "disposable". Mistresses, Dominas, Phone Sex Operators, Fetish Models, Escorts, We're all grouped together into sex work and thought of as "hookers". How many dead hooker jokes have you heard? Or rated your friendship on whether or not you'd help them hide a dead hooker? This mindset strips the identity from people, from women, from Me, and I refuse to relinquish My power.

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