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My First Spanking Session

My initial foray into sex work was through selling my socks and panties on Craigslist Personals (RIP). I'd started selling my underthings on a lark after entertaining myself by reading CL ads, and had gotten hooked after selling my first pair of panties. One day while looking through ads for potential buyers who hadn't discovered me, I found a particular ad that struck my fancy.

"Old fashioned, over the knee, bare bottom $panking".

At that point in my BDSM journey I primarily bottomed, but had learned a lot while my top explained what they were doing during the scene, and through reading books. I decided to answer the ad.

I've never given a formal spanking, but I'd love to try my hand at it.

When I spoke with the gentleman in question, he told me that 13 other women had answered his ad, but he had decided to contact me due to my honesty. That statement stuck with me and has been a firm ideal of mine ever since. We made arrangements, I quickly read up on spanking technique, and off I went.

A very experienced enthusiast, my spankee knew what he liked, and had a vast array of implements of which to use (which was great since I didn't have any at that point). Lucky for me he was also a patient teacher, and instructed me on the various positions in which to punish him. I was nervous at first, but once we began, the wriggling and exclamations increased my confidence. When we initially talked, he told me that his spanking sessions would go for an hour or two, which seemed like a very long time to a newbie! I kept him pinned and smacked away, with my right arm, then my left, alternating between the two to keep pace while giving one arm a short break, thankful that I'm somewhat ambidextrous. Repeating his key fetishistic phrases helped me keep my mindset and set the mood. After his bottom had been thoroughly reddened and my arms were tired from the unexpected workout, we called it quits for the evening.

During cleanup, my spankee told me that he was very glad he met me then, when I was completely green. If I had any experience or better honed skill he would have been in real trouble, he proclaimed! I met with him many more times over the next few months, each time improving and being told that I should go pro. At first it seemed a silly notion, but I did enjoy myself and it was lucrative... It wasn't long before I was placing more ads looking for those desiring domestic discipline, and discovered there was indeed a market! From there it's history, as they say, and though I now engage in many other activities spanking is still near and dear to my heart. Thanks, dear spanko, I wouldn't be here without you!

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