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Book Review: Playing Without A Partner

I reviewed this book which was provided for free by the publisher. However, I do not receive any compensation for reviews. All book reviews are My personal and subjective opinion.

Reading Playing Without A Partner: A Single's Guide to Sex, Dating, and Happiness by Megan Stubbs was an interesting experience for me as I've had many conversations that were similar to various chapters. For several of my friends, I'm their go-to when it comes to sex questions, online dating, or relationship advice and we've covered so many issues that Megan discusses! Not everyone is lucky enough to know a sex-spert though, which is why it's so lovely that Megan has distilled her essence into a book covering these vital topics. Despite being unable to get into the flow of the book, each chapter was rich with essential information, and was written in a way that did allow for skipping around subjects as desired. Megan also sprinkled each chapter with humor and anecdotes that ranged from amusing to arousing.

"Put your own oxygen mask on first before assisting others" is a frequently heard statement and the theme of Playing Without a Partner. Megan guides the reader through a series of exercises and journal prompts to become at peace with all the facets of oneself and establishing healthy boundaries before introducing others. I appreciated her covering topics such as reconciling who you are, your relationship with your body, what gives you pleasure, and why you should never fake an orgasm. Also impressive is Megan's Worst Case Scenario Survival Guide which goes over important questions like what to do if you have gas on a date...or forget your date's name.

Though Playing Without A Partner was clearly aimed at singletons, while reading I found that it could also be useful to coupled folk as well. The term "self-care" is thrown around a lot while talking about burnout and such, but Megan goes beyond that to talk about self-love (and not only masturbation). So many of us were taught the importance of a relationship without stopping to discover who we are as individuals. Those of us who need to go on a journey of self-discovery could benefit from Playing Without A Partner for a bit. Additionally, for those adventurous couples who would like to swing or add a third, the dating and sex portions are a good refresher and introduction to current courtship.

You can buy Playing Without a Partner here.

About the Author

Dr. Megan Stubbs is a sexologist (the job you didn't see on career day), relationships expert, and body image specialist. When she’s not lecturing at universities, hosting at private events around the globe, or writing for Playboy, you can find her living her best life with her rescued pit bull Kronos.


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