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Bawdy Storytelling with Dixie De La Tour

Many of you have probably been sitting at home, starting to get bored, and missing having an erotic outlet. Let me help you out by introducing you to Dixie De La Tour and her innovative, intimate, and entertaining experience that is Bawdy Storytelling. Dixie De La Tour is a Sexual Folklorist, Storyteller, and founder/curator/host of Bawdy Storytelling (the Original Sex and Storytelling series). Full of southern charm, adventure, and dirty jokes, Dixie's voice is like melted butter and she feels like a friend you've known your whole life.

Dixie De La Tour

As a lover of sex and stories, I fell for Bawdy right away. You know what's better than erotic fiction? Real erotic stories. And you know what's better than that? Being told the erotic stories by the people who lived them! That's what Bawdy is, and more. Dixie brings together people from all walks of life, helps them find their story and their voice, and puts them on stage, stringing their tales together with anecdotes of her own. Encouraging the whole way, Dixie will even shake her tits to get extra applause from the audience. Bawdy has hosted everyday people to kink celebrities. There are happy stories, satisfying stories, "that was an adventure from start to finish" stories, sad stories, geeky stories, sweet stories, and kinky stories. Bawdy is all about human connection, whether that be emotionally through tales told, physically meeting new friends with Bang-o, or sexually (Bawdy gets you laid).

Bawdy Storytelling started out roughly 13 years ago in San Francisco, where it was such a success that it has since expanded to many cities around the US. Luckily for those of us who do not live near a major city, Dixie has ventured out of her comfort zone to share Bawdy near and far. I have not had the pleasure of attending a Bawdy Storytelling event (definitely a bucket list item), but I have gotten to hear them virtually. Through Bawdy I have had my musical world expanded by getting to know the likes of Rachel Lark and Jefferson Bergey, who sing the most fantastic dirty songs I've ever heard. Seriously. Check them out. I've been told the most amazing anecdotes, learned new things, and had my world view expanded.

Dixie has kept me awake and entertained while driving, provided company when doing housework, and is there when I want to hear a human voice...without actually talking to anyone. Dixie has been there for me, so I'd like to be there for her. Right now many events have been cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic; Dixie is based in San Francisco, which is effectively shut down. As someone who makes a living through events, Dixie is relying on supporters to get her through this. You should see a live show in the future, but right now support her podcast. After all, wouldn't you love to have a busty redhead whispering in your ear?

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