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Bondassage® & Elysium® Training

For those of you whom have been following Me for a while, you've probably heard Me talk about the Bondassage® and Elysium® training that I recently took out in San Francisco with Eve Minax. If you've taken the initiative to learn more about it, good boy! I like when My subbies educate themselves! For those of you who haven't, Bondassage & Elysium are techniques created by Jaeleen Bennis, and are a combination of massage, BDSM, and sensation play. One might wonder why I, a Dominatrix, might be interested in learning Bondassage and Elysium. As one who seemingly beats men for a living, why on earth would I want to learn sensation and pleasure techniques? The men are there to serve ME! The short answer is, I enjoy being multifaceted; initially I wanted to take the training to pick up a new skill. The longer answer is, I'm a nurturer. I've embraced My role as Mommy-Domme over the last year, becoming more focused on education, both of Myself and of others. I truly enjoy helping people to achieve self-satisfaction and health (physical, mental, and sexual). Being able to provide pleasure, teach people about their body, and provide positive experiences to heal negative ones, this is what brings Me happiness. I feel self-love is something sorely needed and many people don't know how to find. I enjoy that many people find Me "approachable", that I can introduce many newcomers to the scene, and provide a positive experience to those who are scared from past negative encounters. When I first began the training with Mistress Minax, Bondassage came quite naturally to Me. The domination aspects were familiar for obvious reasons, but the massage techniques came flooding back quickly as well--I have experience in energy and body work. As the sessions progressed, I became increasingly attuned to the bottom, able to read their body further, and sensing the places they craved to be touched. I found I deeply enjoyed tapping back in to that part of My self, the more sensual aspects of My spirit, My inner Sex Goddess being accessed in a way She hadn't in quite some time. By the time Elysium sessions began, I was truly in My element, able to flow freely from one action to another, moving in a sensuous, slow, teasing manner that brought My bottom to tears.

I am constantly having a discussion with Myself about what a Dominatrix "should" do, the way She should act, dress, and speak. She "should" wear leather, latex, sky-high heels, dark makeup, focus on impact play & punishment, have a sharp tone, forceful touch, and maintain high protocol--this is not entirely Me. More and more frequently, I am finding that what I want to do and is best for Me ventures away from the stereotypical roles one puts a Domina into. What I have noticed, is that repeatedly I am acting as a healer in My work; as we kinksters like to say, "BDSM is not therapy, but it is therapeutic".

After My training was complete and I was a certified practitioner, I began to think about how I would incorporate Bondassage and Elysium into My offerings. When I had first set out on this training, I had intended on only offering Bondassage, as it is closest to "traditional" domination; Elysium is Bondassage's gentler sister, and much more sensual in nature. However, in a society where so many individuals are starved of positive touch, I feel that offering Elysium is an important service. As such, I am happy to be offering both Bondassage and Elysium in My area!

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