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RopeCraft Chicago 2019

The sad thing about kink conventions is that you can’t share too much with the people who don’t go i.e. you My readers. Attendees are literally sworn to secrecy at some events. However, there are things that I can share with you and I’m happy to write about.

I have been fortunate enough to find kink conventions to be a shining example of the BDSM community. For Memorial Day weekend I shared My room with three strangers who became friends. The weekend is ultimately about helping one another; mostly this is through sharing skills and education, but also with more mundane things. I am fortunate enough to have had My car with Me and have given a few rides here and there; I know others would do the same for Me.

Even though My first year was the "one to miss", coming to RopeCraft this year was much like a homecoming. Normally when I go to a kink event I think "These are My people." This year I came to RopeCraft and said, "Hey! I know these people!" I recognized friends I had made last year, people I've wanted to become friends with, and people I've seen frequently on the interwebs.

This was My second RopeCraft, but the first one that I was there for the entirety of (not including setup). My Erotangles were in the art show, which I made sure to attend. I enjoyed seeing all the various art on display. I don't think I've seen such a variety of media all in one room before; performance art, paintings, drawings, calligraphy, photography, 3D prints, woodburnings, and rope. There was also a chocolate fountain, and while I did not get to live out My bird-dream as seen above, it was still quite epic.

The classes were all stellar. It's funny, when I'm asked what I learned at RopeCraft, the answer is...surprisingly little rope. RopeCraft is very much "Choose Your Own Adventure" and this is the path I chose. I'm self-aware enough to realize that My current rope skill level requires further practice before proceeding to more complex ties. The rope classes I took definitely upped My game and will be useful at higher levels as well. Other areas of focus were on creating art and creating My own events. I also learned how to crack My beloved single-tail in a variety of ways!

One thing that Graydancer says during the Ropenspace is that the people who attend are the right people. He also says that whatever happens is the only thing that could have. During RopeCraft, there were a few classes that I missed for various reasons. I was almost upset about it, but you know what? What happened during those "missed" classes was still valuable. I provided space for a friend while sitting in an inflatable rainbow. I had time to speak to people I might not otherwise have had time or opportunity to chat with. I got a little more sleep. Even though I missed the promoted education, I still gained a lot, and am grateful for how it turned out. In art we say, there are no mistakes, only happy accidents.

RopeCraft was very healing for Me as I got some time to be My authentic self for a while. I taught a little, I learned a lot, I helped others, I had others take care of Me, I practiced self-care and self-pampering. At the end of RopeCraft I legitimately teared up as I was pulling out of the parking lot. I'm deeply looking forward to My RopeCraft adventure next year and hope to see more of My people in the meantime.

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