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If you aren't following Me on Twitter, first of all Shame on you! and secondly, you're missing some important info! I've had My Erotangle art works accepted into the Ropecraft Erotic Art and Multimedia Salon! They are going to be on display during Ropecraft and available for sale. Also, I've been making posts on My Patreon page. Each post has presented a few steps of My process, My thoughts on the piece, where I drew inspiration from, and where I might be headed with My work. I won't repeat it here, so you should head on over! These immediate posts I'm keeping open for public viewing, but after May 24, 2019 I'm going to only be releasing My posts to My patrons. I've priced it to be accessible to everyone; there are many tiers available, as low as $3! These are just the beginning, the best is yet to come!

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