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What's the Rush??

On a few occasions I've been asked by potential clients about My availability. This typically happens while we're on the phone during their initial phone call negotiating and discussing their future session. A lot of these guys do want to come see Me, but are unsure as to their schedule, and say they'll get back to Me later with a definite time. Some of them even send a deposit as they're so eager. Unfortunately, what these poor souls fail to remember, is that I need 24 hour prior notice or it's considered a same day session, at which point they are charged a rush fee. "Why's that?!" they cry, "You said you were available! You're just trying to rip me off!"

Ah yes, I may have been available when you asked me last week, but that doesn't mean I am now. Even if I am technically available, that doesn't mean I'm ready for a session. Contrary to possible belief, I am not dressed up all the time, waltzing around the dungeon torturing men. I have a very full life outside of My dungeon where I enjoy spending time with friends and family, reading, and making art. I am a woman of My word and I hate to break promises to anyone, either My clients or loved ones.

For instance, let's say since I didn't have anything on the books, I promised My friend I'd go to see her play. She would be severely disappointed if I were to cancel on her to go have a last minute session with you, just like you would be disappointed if I cancelled a planned session for...any reason, really.

Also, I care about My clients and want them to have an enjoyable time. For some of you, sessions are a true luxury, perhaps a once a year, or even a once in a lifetime splurge. For others, you're complete newbies, this is your first time trying such a thing. Others may be veterans. All of you deserve Me at My best! You're giving Me your hard earned money and expect Me to be dressed to the 9's, made up, dungeon cleaned & organized, ready to play. Advanced notice gives Me time to plan and prepare so that we both have fun and you leave satisfied.

Back to the hypothetical scenario, even if I did decide to ditch My friend to go take a session, chances are I wouldn't be ready. Going to the theater doesn't call for the same garments and makeup as playing at the dungeon, unless maybe you're seeing the Rocky Horror Picture Show. It takes time to transform from Domestic Goddess to Sex Goddess; alas, I cannot simply spin around like Wonder Woman. Even then, who's to say I could make it to the dungeon in time? I could be in up in Chicago, down in Indianapolis, even over in Michigan.

Asking for extra compensation doesn't seem so outlandish once you take these other factors into consideration. I have to drop what I'm doing (if I can), alter the plans for My day, do My hair and makeup, get changed, make sure I have what I need for the session, that all required toys are clean, get to the dungeon in time, and set everything up. Yes, the rush fee is somewhat to deter people from asking for a session last minute rather than planning in advance, but it is also truly meant to compensate Me for My time in needing to rush. I'm not trying to rip you off, I'm making sure we are both taken care of, because that's what a good dominant does.

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