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Footnight Chicago

I recently attended an up and coming foot fetish party that's nationally known, but just starting up in Chicago, Footnight. I've been to foot fetish parties before, but in more of a BDSM context, so this was slightly different as it was a fetish event for hobbyists rather than subs or slaves. Overall, the atmosphere was similar with everyone socializing on an even keel, mingling, occasionally pairing off to head to secluded area, but when it came to the sessions they were vastly different. In the past I've been asked to step on a guy, smother him with My feet, use him as My footstool, or verbally degrade him while he massaged and worshipped My feet. This time however, the guys were wanting to lick and caress My feet, inspect My toes, or tickle them. Also, the interactions at the end of the play were surprisingly different than at BDSM venues. Thus, given My experiences at these two events, I thought it would be prudent to discuss overall etiquette at these parties.

Firstly, it's always welcome to come up to a girl and ask if she'd like to talk or play. It can be intimidating if she's in a group or mid-conversation, I understand, so here are some tips:

  • If she's speaking with another lady, feel free to come speak to them as they may just be chatting between sessions. Introduce yourself to both ladies before engaging with the one you wish to speak with.

  • If she's with a gentleman, give a bit more room so you don't interrupt.

  • If she's with the same gentleman for a while, subtly catch her attention for a moment by waving or smiling at her to let her know you'd like to speak with her when she's finished.

However, if you have no intention of playing with her, do not keep her engaged and occupied in conversation. Yes, she may be enjoying your chat, but ultimately she's here to work. Monopolizing her is keeping her from earning money, networking, or socializing with others. If you would like to spend more time with the lady, be sure to tell her so, and ask if she's available for sessions outside of the party. Most likely she'll be more than happy to give you some contact information.

When engaging in a session, be sure to tell her before the session starts about how long you would like to play. That way you both have matched expectations; if you don't know how long, tell her that too. It saves you both from worrying about time constraints and not having an even exchanged.

Ask, ask, ask! Consent is always important. May you remove her shoes? Stockings? Is there a certain way she likes to start or be touched?

Remember this is a FOOT party, not a leg party. Just because you are allowed to touch her feet doesn't mean you have an open invitation to move up her ankle to her calf, knee, or thigh. That's disrespectful and can make the lady uncomfortable at best; if you're lucky she won't kick you in the face.

When time is up and the session is over, it's always polite to help pick up. Don't just toss her some cash and leave to find someone new (yes, I've seen this happen). You should ask her if you may assist her in cleaning up. After play, the lady will need to clean up her feet, replace her stockings, put her shoes back on, and dispose of the trash. Even if she says no and can do clean up herself, at least place her shoes and stockings or socks by her, rather than leaving them strewn about; it's a thoughtful action that shows her a lot of respect.

If you had a good time, be sure to let her know, either verbally or with a tip. Even if the tip is just a few dollars, she'll appreciate it. If you wish to see her again, ask for her contact info; many girls don't have business cards but would be happy to see you independently. This will also encourage her to attend further parties, and therefore you're more likely to see her again either way.

Lastly, you may ask for a hug afterwards. I've found that a hug after a session is good closure for both parties and makes for a pleasant parting gesture.

Hopefully you've found this posting useful whether you're a newbie or a well seasoned podophile. Now, get out there and worship some feet!

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