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Pro Domme Intensive with Cleo Dubois, Eve Minax, & Selina Raven

"How was your class?!" Everyone wants to know, and asks excitedly. It's difficult to describe as I'd hate to give away trade secrets and so many things about it are personal. The further I think upon my experience, the more I learn from it; all of the interactions were so varied and had many layers to them.

For three days I was a part of a band of gifted women, bewitching men with a look, torturing them with a touch, making them nervous with our very presence. Clad all in black we confidently walked the streets of San Francisco, exuding power like a coven of witches. In private we exchanged energy, found our true selves, and shed tears. We bonded with each other, our teachers, and our subs. I don't think I've ever been privy to engaging with a group of more genuine people. There was no cattiness, no judgement, no altercations; only positivity and support.

I worked through personal fears and conquered them; unknown triggers and cared for them; ventured into new territory and came through to the other side victorious. I gained new friends, new skills, and a renewed sense of confidence. As I stood on the dance floor of The Citadel with lights coming up from below, my comrades clad in latex and lace preparing for their scenes around me, I was in awe of the moment and how much we had all achieved. We started a group of strangers having traveled from near and far, and were now colleagues, supporting each other during this climactic ending to a profound weekend. After our final scenes were over and stations cleaned, we gathered to review our time together and say our goodbyes. I was relieved the trials were complete but sad to leave all my new friends. There is still much learning to do (as there always will be)--I received a workbook that I have yet to finish reading, and of course, practicing my skills. I will think of this experience fondly as I continue on my journey. Next weekend: Fire Play!

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