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Back to School Time!

The "summer slowdown" is over and the parents are coming out to play. As the kids are going back to school, I'm also taking this time to educate Myself. I'm a "lifelong learner" or "perpetual student". Currently, I am enrolled in Michelle Lacy's series on Pro Domination, have a Kink Academy subscription, and am registered for Cleo Debois' Pro Domination 3 day intensive series. Do all these classes mean I don't know what I'm doing? Quite the opposite. They mean that I'm aware of areas needing improvement, am actively working on them, am mindful of My ignorance on important topics, and am taking care not to do harm. Continuing education means I'm wanting to learn how to be the best Domme I can be, for you and for Me, to create the best experience for both of us.

You should always try to find a Domme who is constantly learning as there is always more to learn--nobody knows everything. The ladies who are highly educated are always the most engaging, creative, and fun to play with. My BDSM heroes are always active in the scene--I see them teaching, attending conventions, talking about what they're currently reading, or relaying something they've learned from others. They are who I strive to emulate and the standard for whom you should see.

It's also important to educate yourself. One can always stand to learn more and better oneself. Do you know what the largest, most important sex organ is? The brain. Smart is sexy. Dommes love an intelligent sub (as long as he's not mansplaining). Intelligent subs know what they like, what to ask for, and how to follow instructions. Knowledge is also a good way to protect yourself. If you're aware of safe sex and BDSM practices, then you'll know when your partner is taking unnecessary risks and can remove yourself from that situation. Be safe. Be smart. Be educated.

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