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Pistachio Ice Cream

A few weeks ago, as My husband and I were sitting around talking about kinky shit, he told Me something that somewhat shocked Me--he enjoys inflicting nipple torture on others. It wasn't the act that surprised Me, I have no issue with it; it was that in all Our time together he had not once made any sort of indication that that was something he might enjoy. When he again mentioned a new kink more recently, I told him that I felt he wasn't communicating enough. Now, on occasion, My husband will play with other people as he enjoys tying rope on various body types. I don't always want, or feel the need, to hear the details of these scenes. This was brought to My attention by him, of course. I explained it to him this way.

I love ice cream. I have a major sweet tooth and at least once a week I have some sort of wonderful frozen dairy delight. I normally have something chocolate with yummy "mix-ins" such as peanut butter, peanut butter cups, marshmallow, cookie dough, caramel, truffles, toffee, oreos, or on the rare occasion, vanilla with cinnamon. The last time I hung out with one of My good friends, We went on an ice cream run. I picked out a pint of deliciousness courtesy of Sirs Ben & Jerry. She picked out pistachio.

I've always been intrigued by foods with pistachio in them as they are green and I like oddly colored food. However, I've never actually eaten either a pistachio, or pistachio flavored food. I mentioned this to her. "Well, You can try a bite of mine to see if You like it." Later that evening, I did just that. I still don't know if I like pistachio flavored things, but I didn't dislike it, and I now feel comfortable enough to maybe try a serving myself sometime. My husband had the benefit of being privy to this interaction, My trying a sampling of this new flavor. However, if he hadn't, and I had suddenly come home with a pint of pistachio ice cream instead of one of My usual confections, he would have been quite surprised!

A key point to remember with your steady play partners is to tell them if something interesting or exciting happens in your life (or scene), such as developing a new interest or a significant experience. You don't always have to tell your partner the specifics of how a like or dislike came to be, you can simply let them know it exists--if your partner chooses to ask the origins, that's on them.

Had My husband not been around, I would have mentioned to him, "I tried a bite of pistachio ice cream. I think I might like to try it again sometime." If he wanted to know more, then I would go further and say, "Sandra and I got some ice cream during our girls night out, and I tried a bit of her pistachio." It's as simple as that. Good communication is the key to more satisfying experiences.

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