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How to be a Good Boy

A lot of potentials get labeled as "timewasters", which is frustrating to the Domme, and to the potential to submissive as well. I know this for in addition to My own experience, I hear this endlessly from other Dommes. Frequently, We are approached by individuals who claim they want to serve but are broke. Even if She isn't a FinDomme, this is a poor way to make an approach! By telling Her you can't pay Her what She is worth, you are telling Her that She is "less than". This does not illicit sympathy, it is an insult! You knew what Her rates were when you contacted Her--don't approach unless you can compensate Her for Her time or there's some way in which you can serve Her. By "serve Her" I'm not saying offer to to do something you want to do (such as be Her toilet or be Her maid, both of which are earned positions) I'm saying offer to do something that would legitimately help Her or make Her smile. For some of these tasks, you don't even need to bother Her--but do them, and I promise She will notice. Retweet--you don't need Our permission to do this! We notice who retweets us on a regular basis. Interact with Her content. Like it. Love it. Comment on it, with insightful commentary that adds to the conversation. When the same name keeps popping up in our feed, We make note of it...for good or bad. I know who My fellow Domme's good boys are because they make themselves known. Not by begging, pleading, or making empty promises, but by interacting. "I'm bowing at your feet.", "You make me so hard.", "I wish I could lick you." is not the commentary We are looking for. Speak to Her power, Her passion, Her innate qualities. Make your own good content. Do you know what Us Dommes like to see? No, not your penis. We like to see interesting pictures, articles, and other content related to Our practice. Many of Us are in this field for the mental stimulation. Post something interesting for Us! What does She like? If you stalk Her feed, you can probably can make an educated guess. Volunteer in Her name for a charity you think She'd appreciate. I'll make this one easy for you--I love rabbits. For Me, you can volunteer at a rabbit rescue, an animal rescue, or foster an animal for Me. Bonus points for sending Me cute animal pictures. Can't afford to session with Her? Can't make a big tribute? Buy Her a "coffee". Seriously. Send Her the amount that you would spend to buy Her a coffee or a sandwich. Waking up to a small $5-$10 tribute in Our inbox is a wonderful little unexpected treat, and a great way to keep on Our radar in a positive way.

Do a small gig for extra cash and send it to her. Not only will you be serving real time for your Mistress, but you can send her the cash as tribute. Both these things will make Her smile. It's easy too. Look on Craigslist or other places that host classifieds for odd jobs you could do; some are as easy as hauling items away or moving boxes.

Little tasks can mean a lot, especially if We know you had to put in extra effort to do it for Us. If you do these little things, We will see you and make note, just like We make note of the guys who pop up and waste Our time. When you finally are able to serve Us and session with Us, it will all be worth it--loyalty is always rewarded.

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