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You've got mail

I remember when I first got an email account. I won't say what age I was, but I will say I was pretty excited to get my first electronic mail that wasn't a newsletter. I'd gotten physical letters through the post, but electronic mail made Me feel like a real grownup, a letter from a real person that had to be read immediately and was delivered directly to Me, not the silly nonsense chat I had with My friends.       Email seems to have deteriorated vastly since that time. I don't remember the last time I got a handwritten letter, but it seems that electronic letters are a rarity now too. Possibly because of their ephemeral quality, emails are now thought of as chat in length, quality of content, and response time. This is a mistake, especially when contacting a ProDomme, such as Myself.        Yes, technically, you are the customer, but I am still a business woman, not to mention a woman you should respect. I know I'm absolutely fascinating and an excellent conversationalist, but you shouldn't think of email as chat, you should think of it as what it is--mail. Try to think back to when you used to send letters. Did they contain more than one sentence? I think so, unless perhaps you were sending a post card. I still get "post card" emails, but they are usually crude and not of the class one would send through the mail for all to see. "Hey, what do you think of this?"

unsolicited dick pic

Envision writing a letter and attaching a stamp to it. Prices for stamps change, but if you had to pay 45 cents each time you send your potential Mistress a message that doesn't give Her pertinent information, would you still click send? Emails still cost, but for the receiver; time. Time is money, and you’re costing your Mistress a lot. Mistresses get many emails, and if you inundate Her inbox with 100 messages, at the very least it will be difficult for Her to find the 2-3 with pertinent information for your scene, that is if She's still willing to see you at all.       Another way to think of it is, were you trying to communicate with any other professional, would you still send a message in this form?

"Hey, I'm having trouble with my hot water heater, let me know when ur available and cost." "Are you gonna fix it? Are you gonna fix it good? Oh yeah, I bet my shower's gonna be so HOT." "?" "I haven't heard back. I guess you're not interested." The above poses many problems. For one, the writer expects the receiver to be able to magically know what the receiver needs EXACTLY. It requires more detail and communication to be able to determine this. If they don't know what you need, they can't determine cost. Secondly, by the receiver telling you in writing what a quote is, the sender expecting the receiver to stick by that when they may have misquoted due to the lack of information. This will lead to an unpleasant surprise for both parties. Next, the sender is badgering and harassing, which will make the receiver uncomfortable and possibly unwilling to work with them. Lastly, the sender is expecting an immediate response and upon not getting it, assumes the receiver is uninterested when in all actuality the receiver was probably busy.

       In this lifestyle, and with these games we play, communication is essential. One needs to remember that you’re dealing with people, or in your case a superior female, who all have different needs, boundaries, limits, and desires. Until W/we have met and established a dynamic, it’s best to keep communication as you would with any other professional. I’m not going to scene with you via email, and if you try, I might not scene with you at all. 

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