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Interested in BDSM or looking for some guidance regarding your interest? You can learn more about Me, My offerings, and how I might help you. I am a normal person with a normal life; I have family, ambition, and goals. I'm well spoken, college educated, and conduct Myself in a professional manner. In scene I can be relaxed and jovial, strict and motherly, sadistic and cruel. I welcome newbies, providing a fun and smooth transition from vanilla to kink for the curious yet timid. I offer incalls at My dungeon in Northwest Indiana or outcalls to your location. I travel to Chicago, South Bend, West Lafayette, and occasionally to Indianapolis & Detroit. I also offer sensual massage and am a fetish seller.

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I’ve always been interested in sex from an educational and psychological standpoint. Sex ed gave Me a basis, but growing up in a conservative community, I often took to reading the tips in Cosmo or more frequently visiting sites like Scarleteen. Occasionally I’d get to peruse the sexuality section of the book store on the rare occasion. I enjoyed the pursuit of the forbidden, discovering all the ways individuals found pleasure, their secrets in their dark, their hidden desires, the twisted ways they abused their bodies for fun and amusement. Sex turned into kink and I learned there was more to bedroom games than foreplay. I now enjoy enacting what I’ve spent all those years learning about, getting to hear the gasps, moans, cries, and squeals of those fortunate enough to fall victim to My chosen implements of pain and pleasure.

I genuinely love what I do and I am always learning. In My spare time I’m reading in books and forums on tips and techniques, watching videos, and practicing My craft. What I do, I do well. I regularly take kink education classes, as well as learning from peers in the community. I’m always honest about My skill level; I want to hurt you, not harm you, and I won’t perform a kink that I’m uncomfortable with just to make a buck.

I am gradually building My toy collection. Want Me to have a certain toy or have more equipment for a kink you’re interested in? Buy it for Me off My wishlist or see Me more often! I invest in the type of toys My clients like to play with, and I only buy quality items. All toys and implements are sterilized between use so they’re clean for you.


"My favorite domme Holly can put you in your place, sting lasting for days. A1 spanker. Very friendly and professional. Fairly priced domestic discipline"


"I like to think that i have become one of Mistress Holly’s subs. Her light touch is a happy thought as i move through the world between our times together. I love the way she negotiates your session, reminding you that perhaps 100 hard strokes of the cane might be a little too brutal. Not that she won’t beat you bloody, i have the pics and the sore butt to remind me of that. But seriously if you are looking for a sane, wonderful, inspiring, beautiful Domme to fulfill a dream that you dared tell no one, Mistress Holly will take you there."


"Mistress Holly is my God. I worship Her. She is awesome with a very sexy body. She is sweet, She is strict, She is perfect. If you should worship anyone in this world it should be Mistress Holly. So drop Her a message and let Her become your god.

Piggy Boi Fag

"I have met with "my mommy" numerous times and she STILL Never fails to amaze Me! So precise and on point! So CONVINCING AND REALISTIC! The EPITOME of an old fashioned, maternal, strict, no nonsense mommy! EXTREMELY CAPABLE!! Actions & words, timing, delivery, nuances & intricacies!!! YES! SHE DEFINITELY IS THAT GOOD!"

Frank C.