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Ms Susanne D'Arcy

‪I was pleasantly surprised last night that My newest guest recognized the portrait on the wall--Ms Susanne D’Arcy. Unfortunately, I never got to meet this great woman as She passed away in 2010, long before I started on this path. Still, I think of Her often as She watches over My sessions. ‬ ‪She was the longest running independent pro in Chicago at the time of Her passing—30 years of experience!

The reason She hangs out in My dungeon, aside from Her greatness, is that She was good friends with the owners of the space that I session in; after D'Arcy's passing they helped save some of Her possessions. In fact, a few pieces of the furniture I utilize used to belong to D'Arcy, mostly notably Her custom made CBT table. Alas, the full potential of the table may never be known as D'Arcy commissioned the table and neither She or the craftsman are with us any longer.

I try to learn what I can, when I can, about this woman from whom I've pseudo-inherited the tools I use.I do hope that if Ms D'Arcy ever comes a'haunting, She imparts some of Her wisdom, and if not that She at least smiles at a young Domme standing tall.

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